Framingham Man Still a Triathlete at Age 75

Veteran Framingham triathlete and Bentley University Professor will compete in the Amica Half Ironman in Providence Sunday

Today (Sunday) in Providence R.I., Hans Thamhain plans to finish the Amica Half Ironman “in style,” he said.

At age 75 and having done as many as 10 half ironman challenges, Thamhain is no novice to the triathlon challenge.

“This is my sport,” Thamhain said, adding that triathlons are his fun and enjoyment. “You feel like a rockstar when you do it.”

As a triathlete for most of his life, Thamhain finds support from groups to train with. Thamhain is part of the and the Minuteman Road Club, two training support groups.

“We meet everyday at 5:45 in the morning,” Thamhain said, adding that the best part of these training clubs in the spunk and enthusiasm others can provide.

Running is the simplest part of the training, Thamhain said, adding that an hour in the morning can give you enough time to train for the running and the swimming aspects of triathlons.

Thamhain said he sometimes uses Walden Pond to swim. “You have to go wherever you can locally to train,” he said.

Training for the bike portion of the race presents a challenge, Thamhain said, adding that only one hour is not enough time to properly prepare on the bike. Despite this, Thamhain said the biking portion is the strongest part of the competition for him.

With three different sports to train for and a busy schedule, Thamhain said he finds balancing athletic preparation and professional commitments to be a bigger challenge than the actual racing. Planning ahead and specific daily regimens help a triathlete maintain athleticism in all aspects of the sport.

Thamhain said he has lost track of how many triathlons he has competed in, estimating that he has done about 10 full ironmans and around five smaller triathlons a year.

Jim Rizoli July 08, 2012 at 02:33 PM
I'll race you across my dining room. Jim@ccfiile.com
Adam July 10, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I'm proud to be his neighbor! I have runa few races with Hans and he is indeed a rockstar!
Alexandra Macfarlane July 11, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Professor Thamhain told Patch that though the day was hot, the race went well. He finished first in his age group, though he said that the placing was mostly due to elimination. Many of the other triathletes in his age category dropped out of the race along the way.


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