Halloween Postponed! A Look on the Bright Side!

With Halloween postponed...here are 10 ways to look at the bright side of things.

I'm hearing lots of belly-aching by people who are upset that Halloween Trick-or-Treating has been postponed because of the recent weather and power outages. I'm here to tell you that there is a silver lining in all this. Here are ten reasons why it's awesome that we won't be trick-or-treating today.

1. Awesome Deals on Candy: Do you know the best time to go shopping for Halloween candy? November 1st! The day after Halloween is when stores are re-stocking shelves for the holidays and the big bags of chocolate just don't go with the theme so they deep discount the Halloween candy to get it out of the stores so they can get the holiday decorations up.

2. Costumes at Like 70 percent off!: Every once in a while it really pays to procrastinate. If you haven't bought your costume yet, you are in luck. By tomorrow there will be deals galore at all the local stores. The only thing better than buying Halloween candy in November is buying costumes!

3. You Won't Miss all The GREAT Halloween Shows: Sometimes I get bummed out on Halloween because on Halloween night some of the best
spooky television programming takes place. Watch the original Halloween with
Jamie Lee Curtis or check out one or two of the Friday the 13th movies. If you
were out trick-or-treating with the kids half the night you would likely be too
tired when you got home to watch these classics. As well, if you were planning
on staying home anyway, you won't have to be interrupted every few minutes with
the doorbell ringing with trick-or-treaters...causing you to miss the very best
parts of the movies! Now you have the opportunity to plan a night watching the
tube with some fresh popped popcorn and nowhere to go.

4. You Set a Good Example for Your Kids: By remaining upbeat and positive about the opportunity to celebrate Oct. 31 different than usual, you get to set a great example for your kids. Don't complain because there's no trick-or-treating, because then your kids might complain when they don't get their own way. Instead, make a night of it by celebrating differently...spooky stories by the fireplace, maybe?

5. No Long Wait for The Next Holiday: Many towns, like Marlborough, are choosing to simply postpone, rather than cancel Halloween trick-or-treating all together. What's awesome about this is that normally once Oct. 31 is over
it's kind of depressing because we have three plus weeks of cold nights where
it gets dark at 4 p.m. and many of us just focus on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Well, if your town postponed Halloween for four or five days, that means that once trick-or-treating is over, your wait for Thanksgiving is that much closer!

6. No "sugar high" kids for now: Many moms and dads (teachers too) will be excited about this one...no kids over indulging in candy tonight to the detriment of household peace.

7. Time Stopped!: Don't we all feel that time just moves too quickly? Our kids grow up too fast and it seems like time just goes by too fast. Well, when you expect Halloween today and now it's not for several days, its like time is standing still...so enjoy it!

8. Trick-or-Treat Galore: Normally towns in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have trick-or-treating on one of two days...either Halloween night or the Saturday before Halloween. Most towns in MA & NH postponed Halloween and have rescheduled to Thursday, Friday,Saturday or Sunday of this week. I've seen all four days being used. If you really want to get your fill of trick-or-treating, you now have four days to choose from, or you could do all four...just find the towns that offer it on the days you want to participate. For example, Marlborough is celebrating on Thursday while Littleton will be Friday. There are choices for everyone. Some towns may even go into next week!

9. No Snow Boots: I've never trick-or-treated in snow boots, but I can't imagine that it's fun. The weather reports are calling for much warmer weather later in the week.

10. Everyone's Safe: The very best reason to be happy that there will be no trick-or-treating tonight is that everyone will be safe. There are still lots of hanging branches and downed power-lines. Couple that with the dark streets still without power...we are all better off for no Halloween tonight!

What are you doing to find the bright side in Halloween tonight?

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James McHugh October 31, 2011 at 09:29 PM
Nice article Ms. Alcorn....


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