Pope Receives $99K in Separation Agreement

The former superintendent signed the agreement from Florida.

Former Superintendent Anthony Pope, who resigned effective July 2, will receive more than $99,000 as part of an agreement between him and the Marlborough School Committee. 

In exchange for a payment of $99,078.92, Pope acknolwedges that the city will not support any application for unemployment benefits. In addition, both parties agree not to disparage the other.  

The payout represents nearly nine months of pay based on Pope's current annual salary of $160,000. 

Documents associated with the agreement show it was signed by Pope on July 3, and notarized in the state of Florida. Mayor Arthur Vigeant signed the agreement on July 5 and it was released a day later. 

,  capped several months of turmoil and controversy in the Marlborough Public Schools. 

Pope's decision to angered many students, who rallied for his return. Pope's reaction to the student protests led to a host of complaints against him for unprofessional behavior and resulted in an allegation of assault from a faculty member. 

The city's teachers union also took a vote of no-confidence in the superintendent and one School Committee meeting before his resignation, Pope issued a statement apologizing for misunderstandings. That same meeting more than a dozen students, . 

After his resignation, Pope released a statement highlighting some of the district's accomplishments during his approximately two-year tenure. 

Paul Doucette July 09, 2012 at 10:59 AM
99 k? hard to take nowadays. Especially since it falls on the backs of taxpayers. Lucky us!
JPC July 09, 2012 at 11:39 AM
Just another epic failure by the current school committee. All six need to go at the first opportunity. They just keep throwing taxpayers' hard-earned money away.


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