High School Students Protest Absence of Assistant Principal

Marlborough High School students are asking for answers pertaining to the unexplained absence of Assistant Principal Adam Bakr.

A growing and mysterious controversy at has come to a head this week: The long-time, unexplained absence of Assistant Principal Adam Bakr.

Bakr, an administrator at the school for several years, has been out for almost two months and without any sort of explanation, said students. 

There has even been a "Bring Bakr Back" Facebook page created that features messages from students and supporters of the administrator, along with copies of emails and petitions asking the school and city officials to bring Bakr back.

There are also several photos of Bakr and even a video of a sit-in that students recently staged demanding answers to the absence.

As of this post, nearly 450 people had "Liked" the page.

The page's creator and several others, however, expressed concern that the effort, initially meant to show support, had gotten out of hand when students and others began contacting local and regional media outlets. 

"My tiny little spark has caused a huge forest fire... in no way whatsoever did I have intentions to bring the media into this issue. I felt like writing emails was perfectly fine..." said the page creator, who went on to claim that more than 400 such emails on the issue have been written to .

School officials have not responded to multiple requests from media for interviews, including Fox 25 in Boston.

"This is a human resource issue and we have no comment," said Pope when asked for comment by Marlborough Patch. 

As of this post, students were planning additional sit-ins, including one on Thursday, Jan. 26.

There is also a petition online that organizers say will be sent to the Marlborough School Committee.

"In late 2011, assistant principal Bakr was put on administrative leave," says the petition. "Bakr has earned a lot of respect from the student body throughout his years of being an assistant principal. If it was not for him, a large amount of students would not have graduated. He is someone who everyone looks up to and someone who everyone generally loves. Bakr needs to be where he belongs, doing what he loves, helping students reach their full potential, and that place is Marlborough High School."

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CM January 26, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I did check the link, and the original error is quoted in Josh's story, but the students must have corrected their mistake on the site. Still thinking they need to get back in the classroom and let this issue rest, though.
Josh Gray January 27, 2012 at 12:17 AM
I was using the quote on the page, but, as you say, it has been fixed. I've adjusted the text to reflect this.
Me January 27, 2012 at 12:14 PM
CM has obviously never had the privledge of knowing or working with Mr. Bakr. Is a spelling error really that big of a deal in a case like this? Mr. Bakr has shown how much he truly cares about each & every one of his students past & present every single say. His students are showing him the same respect and are concerned about his well being. Mr. Bakr went above & beyond his job description when it came to his students. It wasnt unusual for him to call after hours, sometimes as late as 8pm to discuss my childs health, progess & concerns. There are very few teachers/administration in the MHS school system that care enough to go the extra step to motivate the students the way Mr. Bakr does. There is one English teacher at MHS who should have been fired years ago yet she's still there!! All the students & parents want is a explaination. Is he coming back? Is he ill? They don't need personal details. Why can't these questions be answered? Maybe if these questions were answered they would consentrate on their studies.
Chris Simoneau February 11, 2012 at 10:41 PM
As a friend of adam's, He's a great guy & always is thinking of others. Instead of assuming he did something, let the process play out. Stay strong, Adam.
Suzanne February 15, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Mr. Bakr would have been very proud of the MHS students last night at the School Committee meeting with three students speaking so eloquently before the Committee, Superintendent, Mayor, peers, community members, faculty and staff in attendance. Mr. Bakr is an exemplary administrator, well loved and respected by all.


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