AMSA Students Participate in Marlborough Veterans Day Observance

More than 30 students from the Advanced Math and Science Academy learned about the importance of Veterans Day this past week.

As a child it may be difficult to grasp the gravity of holidays such as the one we've just had, but a teacher at the hopes to impart some of that importance to his students.

"After a classroom discussion about Veterans Day, many students at AMSA expressed an interest in getting actively involved and show their appreciation to local veterans in Marlborough," said AMSA teacher Mark Vital. "I encouraged them to remember the true meaning of the holiday and to set time aside for this special day." 

As part of the curriculum, students learned how to format a personal letter and wrote a sincere thank you note to veterans they personally knew.

In addition to their thank you letters, students wrote notes on large red, white and blue poster boards. Once completed, they brought these poster boards to the Marlborough Veterans Day Parade that was held on Main Street Friday, Nov. 11. The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce hosted a get together for Mr. Vital and his students prior to the parade. While enjoying hot chocolate students enjoyed hot chocolate and listened to an explanation of why Taps is played and why there is a 21 gun salute during such ceremonies. 

By the time the parade began, over 35 students were ready to show their appreciation to the veterans marching by. They then visited all the war memorials in Marlborough including the Spanish American War, the Civil War, World War I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War monuments. 

"Most of the students marveled at the number of Marlborough residents in each war who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country," said Vital. "Dozens of parents joined their children during the final ceremony and after commented how much they appreciated the effort made to recognize the local veterans. The students truly enjoyed the day and wanted to know if they could come again next year." 

 Mayor-Elect Arthur Vigeant visited the group and thanked them for coming.   

"It was a great day for the students and parents who joined the group for the parade, yet most importantly AMSA showed its appreciation and thanks to the local veterans," said Vital.

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