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Vigeant Says TJX Sale a Fantastic Win for City of Marlborough

Last week the TJX Corporation and Fidelity announced they were in the process of working out a sale, which the Marlborough City Council is expected to approve Monday night..

After initially expressing delight over the impending sale of the soon-to-be-vacated Fidelity property in Marlborough, Mayor Arthur Vigeant took some time to talk details.

"It has been in the works for a couple of months now, and it is a fantastic win for the city of Marlborough," said Vigeant, just four months into his first term as mayor. "We Made informal inquiries and were later brought in by one of the local landlords."

Part of the attraction that TJX, which owns TJ Maxx, and Homegoods, had to Marlborough was a tax deal offered by the city. 

"It was a 20 year agreement made to level the playing field and be more competitive with other communities," said Vigeant. "If I can encourage someone to come here and invest millions of dollars in Marlborough, I'm going to do it."

He said exact details of the deal were not immediately available, as they still had to be approved by the City Council Monday evening. He did say, however, that the tax incentive was based only on the increased value of the investment that TJX was going to make. 

Vigeant said he did not expect any significant obstacles once the proposal went before the City Council. 

"They are obviously going to ask questions and I want them to be comfortable with the process provided," he said. "Many have been through this process before." 

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