Slippery Roads Mean Minor Accidents

A slippery start to the morning commute translated to some minor accidents as the snow hit the region this morning.

Slippery conditions during the morning commute lead to minor accidents, but with the snow tapering off the conditions are clear on most major roads.

“We’re ahead of it. The main roads are just about bare right now," said Ken Calder the Department of Public Works supervisor in charge of streets. “The latest weather report is the brunt of the snow has gone past us ... everybody is out plowing now."

With the snow starting at 4 a.m. and accumulating to three inches, at a certain point plow drivers were competing against a steady snow.

“It seemed like drivers were being pretty cautious," said Calder.

There were a few minor accidents while it was snowing, said Fire Department Captain John McGrath. The conditions are still slippery to fair with side roads still slick, he said.

“The DPW is doing a good job but the snow is still coming down,” said McGrath shortly after 9 a.m.

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The plows will continue to clear the roads and then loop back through the whole city to lay down sand and salt, said Calder.

“It helps keeps the roads from refreezing if the temp bottoms out," he said explaining that the warmer temperatures of a storm that ends during the day will help prevent that freeze.

The DPW was preparing for the snow for days, despite the weeks earlier high temperatures.

“We’re always watching the forecast days ahead of time," said Calder.


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