Scott Brown Will Not Run for U.S. Senate

Who do you think should be the Republican candidate?

Scott Brown ended speculation Friday afternoon as to whether he would run for U.S. Senate, announcing that he is not entering the race for the seat left vacant by John Kerry’s confirmation to the post of Secretary of State.

Two Democratic political opponents – Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) and Congressman Edward Markey (D-Malden) – will face off in the April 30 primary with the special election set for June 25. There are currently no Republican candidates in the race.

Markey, who represents the 5th Congressional District, kicked off his campaign in December. Lynch launched his bid with a formal announcement Thursday afternoon. Lynch represents the 8th Congressional District.

With Brown out of the running, what Republican would you like to see run for the seat? Leave your thoughts in the comment field below..


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Tyler Jozefowicz February 04, 2013 at 08:32 PM
The Republican fan base is awestruck. Simple fact of the matter is that they have no bench here. Even if the prospective candidates ran in the Red South they would not fit in. Difficult to field a contingent of Republican candidates when they basically stand for nothing. they can try the corruption theme but that has gotten tired and old. "Balance" won't work because it causes gridlock. Same sex marriage , they tried that. smaller government : Romney gave us the Big Dig overruns. It was his Finance Director, Charlie Baker that signed the checks. It is difficult to run some one for government when they basically dislike the government. Weld and Romney got bored with government after 2 years into their terms , and did nothing for the last 2 years of their terms. Simple fact , they hate government . Ever hear of a CEO that hated business, being hired to run a company? That is the problem they have. Tisei's not running- he is a RINO anyway. I can't answer the question.
ron johnson February 04, 2013 at 09:20 PM
Tyler, I will ask the question here as well. Is there a democrat in this state that holds office that you endorse. I guess you like Tierney. He is either crooked or dumb. You pick. How about recent office holders such as DiMasi, Finneran, Bolger or Frank should I go on. By the way Weld was governor for 6 years and during his governorship, Weld ended the state's borrowing, reduced property taxes and balanced seven budgets in a row (in a state where a balanced budget is constitutionally mandated but haphazardly enforced) while passing 19 tax cuts and never raising taxes. The business community reacted strongly to Weld's leadership. In a 1994 survey of chief executives conducted by the Massachusetts High Technology Council, 83% of those polled rated the state's business climate as good or excellent—up from only 33% at the beginning of his term. Proponents might claim that Weld's leadership changed the minds of 50% of the CEOs surveyed while others would note the national economic trends or other factors might play a part. Weld also reaped the benefits of the 1990s prosperity, as the state's unemployment rate fell by more than 3 percentage points during his first term, from 9.6% in 1991 to 6.4% in 1994. I guess he was a bum. In 1994, Weld won reelection with an impressive 71% of the vote in the most one-sided gubernatorial contest in Massachusetts electoral history. Weld carried all but five towns in the whole state, even carrying Boston.
ron johnson February 05, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Tyler, When asked a direct question with little chance to slam anyone, you remain silent...
Tyler Jozefowicz February 05, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Ron: I'm voting for Ed Markey for US Senate.Experience , professional, knowledgeable and liberal. Why bring up Weld? He declined to run, is over the hill. He rode the Clinton properity tide of the 90s. Weld was know for being lazy; snuck off to play squash every chance he got. A RINO that would not make it at the Republican national level. Balanced budgets are a State's requirement, nothing unique to him. He went against Silber, the worst possible ultra conservative Democrat, a fluke. Most MA Dems abstained that election , turnout was terrible, you quote percentages. again, why bring up a has-been. State who you like!
ron johnson February 05, 2013 at 07:12 PM
Tyler, Just as I thought, you can not name one person and go on the attack. I voted for Kennedy, I did not always agree but he was an effective Senator for the state of MA. I voted for Dukakis the first time. I supported Paul Tsongas. I voted for Clinton twice and before that for Carter the first time and believe it or not McGovern. I actually was interested in EW when she first announced, but her constant talking about the high cost of college and the amount of debt was hypocritical. I quickly decided that she was a fraud. Weld was known as smart and effective. As far as the national level please tell me how the Duke did, how about Kerry, or Edward Kennedy. Tyler, please do not try to use that when it is obvious that the MA Dems are not in touch with the rest if the country. The last dem from MA was JFK, who by the way would seem to middle of the road for some today. As far as someone who rode the prosperity train how about Dukakis the first time. I have answered the question and you still have not.


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