POLL: Hunger Strike to Support Postal Workers

Do you think a hunger strike will end the proposed cuts to the post office?

In the wake of the proposed cuts to the U.S. Postal Service, a group of protesters has announced plans to go on a hunger strike.

At the end of the month, a group of five people calling itself Communities and Postal Workers United announced plans to begin a hunger strike to call attention to what it says is the reason for the service's financial failings, according to Bloomberg.com.

The protesters blame a 2006 congressional mandate requiring the postal service to pay in advance for retiree health benefit costs, saying without that mandate the service would be profitable.

The postal service, which is closing processing plants and offering worker buyouts to cut costs, said it lost $3.2 billion in the quarter ended March 31 and will temporarily run out of cash in October. Most, though not all, of the quarterly loss came from the pre-funding mandate, said the service, which blames declining demand for the mail for its woes, according to Bloomberg.com.

A retired letter carrier interviewed said that it's, "not the internet, not private competition, not the recession; Congress is responsible for the postal mess.nCorporate interests, working through their friends in Congress, want to undermine the USPS, bust the unions then privatize it.”

The Senate has passed a bill to overhaul the Postal Service that would include reducing the retiree health pre-funding requirement. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said last month the House will consider its version of postal reform in July or August.

Hunter Brown June 10, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Couldn't this poll just be a yes/no thing and not have it make assumptions about the reasoning for my opinion?
Ray Fellows June 10, 2012 at 08:59 PM
yes or no questions are usually skewed to an agenda. I like the way Mary sets these up, it gives everyone the ability to express their point of view.
FF June 11, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Privatize the system. It's time to stop pouring good money into a system that is antiquated.
UglyHat June 11, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Funny, I don’t remember any hunger strikes when ATM machines took jobs from bank workers, or when on-line travel rocked the travel agency world. It’s no fun when markets change and you realize your job is no longer needed. I can sympathize with that. But that doesn’t mean I want to pay billions more to support and outdated business model. Keep cutting until it consistently breaks even.
The Troll of Northborough June 12, 2012 at 06:55 PM
greedy unions is the cause of a lot of this mess. Back in the day when work places would be dangerous and employers didn’t get held accountable for workplace safety and ethics, I agree Unions came to the rescue of the people and forced companies to give employees workplace rights, safety and dignity. That has been long lost and turned into a money machine, unions get richer and fatter, the companies get forced to charge more to support the Union contracts, hence the public ends up paying. In the real world jobs have pay caps, you will NEVER make $87,000 flipping a burger at McDonalds in our foreseeable future. But with a Union behind you, it says that every x years you’re due a raise and a COL increase regardless of profits. SO that person sorting our mail, or delivering it, while the job would cap out at say $18.00, union says that because they have done that job for 20 years, they have to be paid $29.50 an hour. Free enterprise, yes Im for that, Capitalism, yup im for that too. Being forced to pay someone more because they do the same job year after year and do not move up in ranks, responsibilities or into management,,,HELL NO Want more pay, better yourself, educate yourself and apply for a better position. In times when employee’s elect to forego union contract raises to save jobs or hold off layoffs, have you ever heard of a union lowering its percent of an employee’s pay? Unions are out dated and need to be removed from the system,


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