Bouvier Pharmacy "Older than the Redsox"

One of Marlborough's oldest businesses has been helping people for 102 years.

Name of Business:  Bouvier Pharmacy

Co-Owners:  Philippe "Phil" and Thomas Bouvier

How many years have you been in business?

“We have been in business since 1900. We joke that we are older than the Red Sox," said Brian Bouvier, Phil’s son and employee of Bouvier Pharmacy who signed on less than a year ago, “I am the fourth generation joining the business, along with five other family members who also work here among our 19 employees.”

What do your customers like best about your business?

"Well, the trusted, personalized attention and the breadth of our services," Brian explained, "There is nowhere else in the area where you can get everything from respiratory care, diabetic shoes, walkers, hospital beds, lift chairs and scooters, along with full pharmacy services all in one place (or delivered to your home)."

"If you want to pick up ice cream and frozen dinners with your prescriptions, we can’t help you," he said, "but if you want professional medical solutions with licensed respiratory therapists, MAPs-trained pharmacists, nurses, and fitters, doctors know where to send you."

Do you live in Marlborough?

Brian lives in Grafton with his wife and two daughters but said that most of his family still lives here in town.

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What do you like best about owning/running this business?

“It is exciting to carry on a long tradition of caring for our customers and
learning how strong our reputation is among not only our customer base, but among doctors and assisted living facilities throughout MetroWest.” said Brian, who shared how he is learning more and more every day from his dad whose been running Bouvier Pharmacy for the last 37 years.

He added, “Having come from ‘the corporate world’, I am most enjoying seeing the impact we have on our customers’ health outcomes on a daily basis. Whether it’s our pharmacists teaching someone how to adhere to a complex set of prescriptions using our customized pill cup program or improving someone’s independence through a lift chair or scooter, I feel like we are truly making a difference in the lives of our customers and just as importantly, providing peace of mind to their caregivers.”

Are you on Facebook/Twitter?

“Not yet. We are in process of revamping and relaunching our branding and website,” explained Brian, “Phase Two of that project will be more involvement in social media outlets.”

Any advice for someone new to starting this kind of business? 

“I can’t say as I would recommend independent pharmacy as a startup business," Brian said, "Frankly, the headwinds of regulatory
uncertainty, decreasing insurance payments for services, pressure from
insurance-mandated mail order (which is clinically proven to hurt medication adherence and supposed to be illegal), would make it hard to start right now."

"For us," Brian added, "the advantage is an established name and a unique ability to service pharmacy needs and home medical equipment in a single stop for individuals or assisted living residents.”

Anything else you'd like us to know?

“I love the passion my staff has for helping people," said Brian of the business, "It is a trait that encompasses all we do and that has served us well for over 112 years. We hope will serve us well for 200 more.”


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