Marlborough Sets 2014 Tax Rates; Modest Increase for Homeowners

The 2014 tax rate will be $16.11 for each $1,000 of assessed value for residential properties; $28.22 for each $1,000 for commercial and industrial.

The average single family home will see a slight tax increase in 2014. Credit: Zillow.com
The average single family home will see a slight tax increase in 2014. Credit: Zillow.com
The average single family house in Marlborough dropped in assessed value, but will be taxed $113 more under a new tax rate set by the City Council Monday.

The council adopted the recommendation of Mayor Arthur Vigeant and the city assessors and established the residential rate at $16.11 for each $1,000 of assessed value. The commercial rate is $28.22 for each $1,000, and applies to businesses as well as industrial properties.

The average tax bill for a single family homeowner, whose property is worth $288,900, will rise from $4,451 to $4,654 in 2014, according to city figures. The average value of single family homes dropped in Marlborough, from $302,700 in fiscal 2013.

The commercial rate represents a narrowing of the residential-commercial tax split in Marlborough, and won an endorsement from the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. Two of its representatives spoke in favor of the proposed tax rates Monday.

Among City Councilors, only At-Large Councilor Mark Oram voted against the new tax rates. He advocated for a larger share to be borne by commercial properties, to alleviate pressure put on homeowners.

In other changes:

  • Condo owners will pay about $150 more in property tax, to $2,290 in 2014, based on an average condo value of $142,200.
  • Two-family structures will see a slight tax decrease, of $26, based on new average values of $203,200.
  • Triple-family homes will see a slight increase, of $17, to $3,318 in property tax.
  • Apartment buildings have also seen a value drop in Marlborough, to an average of $1,819,200. The average tax bill will be $29,307 in 2014, an increase of $1,879.


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