Health Inspections: Fast Food and New Restaurant

From fast food to a new restaurant; we have the latest health inspections from Marlborough

The following health inspections were conducted by the Marlborough Board of Health. The board does not give a letter grade for inspections.

Burger King
484 Boston Post Road East
Owner: Northeast Foods
Violations: 4

The beverage station at the drive-thru had crew members touching the inside of the lids with their hands.

Lids were stored in the soda machine opening. Glove usage was good.
Sanitizer along with hot and cold holding of food was good. The handwashing procedure was correct.

The restrooms were found to be very cold at 52 degrees.

Tailgater’s Grille
757 Boston post Road
Owner: Kimberly Gehlert
Person in Charge: Chris Rotti
Violations: 1

“Good job.”

Handwashing was done properly. During an earlier inspection the restaurant had violations with equipment and technique. All had been corrected upon this inspection that was conducted in the beginning of December. Ice usage was correct.
The only violation was a cell phone on the cook line in the back from a new cook.

Dollar Tree
193 Boston Post Road West
Owner: Corporate
Violations: 1

There were no expired goods in the refridgerated storage area. The dry goods contained expired products. 12 packets of mushrooms in sauce, 1 box of macaroni and cheese and 4 packets of french onion soup. Store employees will be going through the stacks and removing expired goods.

Karianne S. February 19, 2013 at 11:20 AM
Obviously the inspectors didn't see what I saw when I went through the drive through to get my son a kids meal-never again will I go to BK **shiver**
Barb Nahoumi February 19, 2013 at 12:45 PM
What did you see?


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