Health Inspections: Embassy Suites, Five Guys and Chipotle

On area establishment had nine violations in a recent inspection.

Embassy Suites

Violations: 9

Notes: The inspection was requested by the hotel chain. The sanitizer levels were incorrect, dirty items were next to clean equipment, personal beverages were in the food area and black mold or deposits were on drink lines and the wall above the ice. The line ice, which comes into direct contact with drink lines, was not segregated from the drink ice at the bar.

Many of the problems were corrected that day during the visit. 

Five Guys

Violations: 0

Notes: The inspector noted correct techniques on handwashing and a good mix of sanitizer. There was one small issue with the walk in cooler and water temperature at two of the washing stations.



Violations: 0

Notes: The handwashing technique and mix of sanitizer were both correct. Some minor issues were corrected on site.

Dave December 14, 2012 at 04:25 PM
How about inspections at buffet businesses on French Hill ?


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