Excavating Company Looks to Expand

CMS, Inc. is looking to expand its offices in Marlborough.

An excavating company is looking to expand its offices in Marlborough.

CMS, Inc. has put a proposal for 2,400 square feet of office space will be added to the existing building of the excavating and landscaping company that was founded in the 1970's. The company already has a 9,500 square foot building on the property off of South Street.

The new offices would be used for the companies employees and not rented out.

The expansion will eventually appear before the City Council as the property is on land zoned for residential. At a public hearing before the council to discuss the proposal, neighbors asked about the company's intentions with five acres of woods attached to the property.

Officials representing the company said that the woods were bought to serve as a barrier between the company and nearby homes. The five acres were bought when they came on the market to prevent them from being built up and having homes close to the business.

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One resident raised concerns that the company would eventually expand into the wooded area. City Councilor Joseph Delano suggested that the land be put into conservation to put neighbor's concerns at ease.

“Perhaps that could be made permanent and give the neighbors some comfort," said Delano after Monday's public hearing.

The issue was sent to the Urban Affairs committee and will go before the conservation commission.


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