Contested Development Gets Extension

The Blackhorse Farms development has received an extension through next year with multiple conditions following complaints from immediate neighbors.

The Blackhorse Farms development received a permit extension through December of 2013 as the Planning Board laid out nine conditions for their continued work.

"We figure lets give it a try," said Board Chair Barbara Fenby who explained she would not be agreeable to a two year extension.

The extension was granted to the nine lot development off of Farrington Lane. Only one lot has been completed — and was sold for roughly $900,000 — and the remaining lots will be built as they are sold, said James McLoughlin the engineer for the project who agreed to the conditions.

Among the conditions of the extension were leveling gravel, installation of street lights along Slocumb Lane, installation of granite curbing and no blasting in the area for the rest of the year. These steps will also help the developer — who has owned the property for roughly the last six years — to sell lots, said Fenby.

The decision for an extension came after both members of the board and City Councilor Joseph Delano — who is the ward councilor for the area — expressed displeasure about the conditions at the development. They also took issue with the multiple times the board had to ask before measures were taken by the developer.

"I have zero faith things will be done right unless they are nearly at gunpoint," said Delano.

The development has been a source of complaints being made about the development's appearance, noise — from blasting into the rock surface — and high truck traffic, said Delano. Some immediate neighbors even complained about damage to their homes from blasting, he said.

"We are pro-business here, but you can't treate your neighbors poorly," said Delano.

He explained that he has full faith in the board and that their agreement appears enforceable.

"I think they are looking out for the residents," said Delano.

If the measures laid out in the agreement are not met the board may rescind the approval.


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