Chocolate, Children and First Time Voters

Among the winners and losers in yesterday's election were local residents and their stories.

Among the voting yesterday were stories of first time voters, the hope of children and people trying to make a difference.

"We can vote for the people so we can have a better life," said nine year-old Matheus Pontes who was excited to see his mother Maria vote.

Matheus was not the only person who felt voting could make a difference. Mike Fantasia cast his first vote every yesterday, although he had been able to vote previously.

"This is my first time voting," said Fantasia who explained he voted for Barack Obama because of "fear of what could happen."

Not everything was about voting at the polls. Some of it was about supporting voting, which can be very hard work.

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The clear voting fuel of choice? Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. This theory has served Judy Jewett, the president of the Friends of the Marlborough Seniors, well during her candy fundraiser at the Senior Center voting location over the last five years. Chocolate is the perfect way "to keep up their strength," said Jewett.

"People don't think chocolate in the morning; most of them," she said. "A lot of people come in. It's a good fundraiser."

Voters overall followed the legal part of the old adage 'vote early, vote often' as they lined up in the cold before polls opened at 7 a.m. There were some early risers who thought they could get in even earlier, though, said Whitcomb Middle School Warden Linda Goodwin.

"We had four people come in at six trying to vote," she said.

We also have the full roundup of Marlborough's voting in the election. Yesterday, we also gathered a running timeline of voting in the city.


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