5 Things: Pumpkin Photos and November Elections

From the winner of the pumpkin photo contest to preparation for the November elections; we have what you need to know right here.

1. The winner of the pumpkin photo contest has been announced. Something tells us the pumpkins aren't what clinched the win of this adorable photo.

2. The city is preparing for the November 6 elections as they test their machinery today.

3. The Marlborough High School Athletic Hall of Fame inductees have been named. The presentation is not until November, but the congratulations can begin now.

4. The developers of "Forest Park" have said that the multi-use development would bring in $3 million in taxes once it was fully built. Do you think this is a total dream or a potential boon for the city? Leave a comment on the story.

5. It is not likely to be anything like the destruction that was leveled at the state last Halloween, but a tropical storm is still threatening to make this year's festivities a wash out. We will have the updates on this as they become available.


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