5 Things: Mace Arrest and Assabet Scholars

From the dangers of carrying unlicensed mace to outstanding Assabet scholars; we have the news you need right here for the day.

1. It looks like there could be some action on Sudbury Street. The Conservation Commission is holding a hearing tonight at 7 p.m. to discuss a private driveway up to three homes.

2. There will be a presentation at the Framingham REI tonight about solar in homes. The presentation is free and there is a $100 REI gift card in the mix.

3. Thinking about some personal protection? Well remember that mace is not something to mess around with. One woman was recently charged with having it on her without a license.

4. 60 Assabet students received the Abigail and John Adams Scholarship. We have the full list compiled here.

5. If you have been making the fall rounds this year you are sure to have some photos with pumpkins in them. We would love to see them uploaded in our photo contest.


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