5 Things: Home Improvements and Political Gaffes

From some home improvements to the presidential debate; we have what you need to know right here.

1. Home improvements are on the list to be discussed at the Conservation Commission at 7 p.m. tonight. A new addition to a home, some decks and a swimming pool will all appear before the board to be discussed.

2. The school committee continues negotiations with district employees today at 3:30 p.m. School officials say the discussions have been going well thus far.

3. We here at Marlborough Patch didn't know that the dining options at the Solomon Pond Mall were so diverse. Did you miss the story on the alleged shoplifter who bit a security guard yesterday? Click away and get your fill.

4. As coverage of the presidential race continues to grow, we want to know what you think of Mitt Romney's 47 percent comment.

5. We want you to blog, and it couldn't be easier. Have something to say? Simply click on "start a blog" on the home page, and get started.


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