5 Things: Chemistry and Jobs

From chemistry to jobs and even including cute pets; we have what you need to know right here.

1. It is National Chemistry week. The Marlborough Public Schools are preparing students throughout the year in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics with their STEM Early College High School Program. It has been praised by the state's education secretary and was the first impremeneted in the Bay State.

2. U.S. Senator Scott Brown swooped through Marlborough yesterday. He had some lunch at the Main Street Cafe where he also received the endorsement of Marlborough's City Council President. Will that be enough to sway your vote? Let us know whether you think he will be able to beat Elizabeth Warren here.

3. No one said being a police officer was easy. The other day a woman allegedly attempted to "claw" police while she was being arrested. Also covered in that story is the tale of a man who may have been attempting to improve his home with what he was allegedly trying to steal from Target.

4. The job hunt has never been described as fun. Characterizing it as bearable may be a stretch. Let Patch make it as good as possible with our job listings. There's a wide selection from all over the region.

5. I know Marlborough has a ton of great photographers and great pets. I hope to see those pets and your skills showcased in our latest photo contest.


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