You Ask, Patch Answers: Seatbelt Enforcement

Patch readers inquired about seat belt enforcement. Here's the lowdown.

When the announced they'd take part in the statewide , some Patch readers wondered whether police are able to stop drivers for not wearing their seat belts.

The answer is no, but with an important caveat, said Marlborough Police Det. Scott DeCiero. 

Massachusetts' seat belt law is subject to secondary enforcement only, meaning officers can only write tickets to drivers or adult passengers if they've already been stopped for another offense. 

"However, if we see a child under the age of 12 without a seatbelt or a child seat, we can stop that vehicle,"  DeCeiero said.

If a vehicle is stopped, an officer can issue a ticket--which comes with a $25 fine--to the driver and all adult passengers not buckled up. Drivers can also be fined for unbuckled passengers under the age of 16. 

During the “Click It or Ticket” mobilization, which runs from Monday, May 14 through June 3, thousands of extra state and local police will patrol the state’s streets and highways in a concerted effort to promote and enforce seat belt use with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

Paul Doucette May 14, 2012 at 11:06 AM
I've worn my seat belt for over 30 years but somehow when my Government, be it local, state, fed keeps telling me how to live my life, it just wants to make me give them the ole single digit salute. What next no texting while walking? oooopps,,,,,, I though this was Fort Lee., N.J..........Really just another law for Lawyers and the government coffers


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