Woman Allegedly Gives 10 Year-Old Heroin

A woman has been accused of giving a 10 year-old heroin.

Police have charged a Clinton woman with reckless child endangerment after she allegedly gave a 10 year-old a purse containing heroin during a traffic stop.

Marlborough police stopped a car owned by Jennifer Finlay, 48, of 52 Lawrence Street Apt. 1 in Clinton on Bolton Street Friday night after running the plate and finding that the car had a revoked registration. The driver, Donald Pahigan, 49, of 52 Lawrence Street Apt. 1 in Clinton, was found to have a revoked license and warrants out for his arrest. They were both arrested.

Before they were placed into custody, Finlay took the owner's manual out of the glove box and placed it in her purse which she then gave to a 10 year-old in the car, according to a police report. When the purse was later searched, the manual was found to contain two "corner bags" of what appeared to be heroin, according to a police report given by Marlborough Police Officer Robert Bonina.

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A search of the car revealed a spoon, wrapping papers and a cotton filter along with an open cigarette pack that contained two needles, he said in the report.

"I recognized the items to be consistent with items commonly used to shoot heroin," said Bonina.

When Finlay was confronted, she denied ownership and knowledge of the items found in the car, according to court documents. Pahigian also initially denied knowledge of the items, said Bonina, but then agreed to take the possession charge instead of Finlay while confirming that the baggies contained heroin.

Pahigian has prior convictions for class A, B and D drug possession and prior convictions for operating after suspension or revocation of his license, wrote Bonina in his report.

Finlay was charged with having a revoked registration, reckless endangerment to children under 18, and having an uninsured motor vehicle. Pahigan was arrested on three warrants and charges of a second offense of possessing class A drugs and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.


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