Training Guides Bank Employees During Robbery

Training guides bank personnel in the case of a robbery.

Bank employees at St. Mary's Credit Union location on Northboro Road East had training to fall back on during Friday's bank robbery.

"Every bank is very cognizant of the potential of robbery and every bank has procedures in place and training in place of what to do in the case of a robbery," said Anthony Battista Vice President of Marketing for the credit union.

Battista said that he could not comment on the Friday morning bank robbery; nor could he give specific information about the bank's procedures.

One person was arrested by state police and a GPS tracker was reportedly put in with the money given to the robber. Police later confirmed that the man was unarmed and had passed a handwritten note demanding money.

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The credit union has five branches in Marlborough, Northborough and Hudson. Training for these types of incidents are done for all banks, said Battista.

"We train our people and tell them what procedures to follow," he said. "We are are not alone in that. Every bank does the same thing."

There are times of year that see heightened chances for bank robberies to occur, said Battista

"This may be one of those times of the year," he said.


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