Shoplifter, Loiterer Arrested on Heroin Charges

Two men were reportedly found with heroin on them at the Solomon Pond Mall Wednesday.

Marlborough police arrested two men at the Solomon Pond Mall Wednesday on charges of heroin possession.

"A search revealed two spoons, two small cotton balls and a needle all containing a substance believed to be heroin,” said Marlborough Police Detective Scott DeCiero of on man arrested on shoplifting charges.

Police found those items on a man who was identified as Anthony J. Horne, 26, of 126 Beaver Street Apt. 116 in Framingham. Police had been called to the Solomon Pond Mall around 10:30 a.m. due to a report of a shoplifter. Before they arrived, Horne reportedly exited the mall.

"A customer ran out of one of the stores — JC Penney — and began weaving in and out of vehicles in the parking lot after security had attempted to make contact with the customer,” said Det. DeCiero.

Upon searching Horne, police found bags of merchandise with the tags still on them. They also found a single pill of suboxone. Horne was arrested on charges of shoplifting by concealing merchandise, class A drug possession and class b drug possession.

At 6:30 p.m. that night police arrested Casey E. Crossman, 25, of 47 Eaton Drive in Hudson on charges of class A drug possession. They made the arrest after going to the mall for a reported overdose. When they got there they located Crossman in a vehicle.

“He appeared dazed and under the influence of a narcotic,” said Det. DeCiero. "Through open windows and in plain site were observed multiple small folded pieces of tin foil on the floor and two pieces of paper rolled up commonly used for snorting crushed narcotics."

Police reportedly also found in the vehicle corner pieces from clear plastic baggies with a residue they believed to be heroin.


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