Police Say No Arrests Yet in Shooting, Still Under Investigation

No arrests have been made nor any suspects publicly identified in Thursday's night shooting on Washington Street. Police do not believe it was not a random act.

Details are still scant on what might have instigated the shooting at a Washington Street apartment Thursday night.

Peabody Police spokesman Michael Crane released an official statement late Friday morning, saying the incident is still under investigation by local police and state police detectives assigned to the district attorney's office.

Crane said no arrests have been made and confirmed that police believe the shooting was not a random act of violence.

Crane said officers arrived at Apt. #3 of 197 Washington St. at approximately 8:55 p.m. Thursday to investigate a report of gunshots. The apartment is above D'Orsi's Bakery & Delicatessen.

One male victim, who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his thigh, was treated at the scene and taken to Mass. General Hospital by ambulance.

Crane confirmed that the injury did not appear to be life-threatening.

Police said Thursday night they were searching for another male to bring in for questioning on the incident, but no mention was made of that person in Friday's statement.

John S. January 08, 2013 at 09:26 PM
Sean, That news story that came out about it taking 20 minutes to respond. The first officer was there 2 minutes after 911 call. Read the police log transcripts. http://nhregister.com/articles/2012/12/14/news/doc50cc0897adc1a203744261.txt?viewmode=default
Sean Ward January 08, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Have you actually read this transcipt? At 9:35:53 dispatch is talking to local police. It says nothing about when the caller contacted 911. I've called 911, it can take upwards of 30 seconds before the operator even connects you to local police. I see police on site at 9:39:20 assuming "Their coming at me" (nice grammar btw) was a cop talking. That's almost 4 minutes after the dispatch and who knows how long after the 911 call. Also this exposes another issue. Cops aren't usually willing to put their own lives in danger until they have adequate backup. I don't see any lines on this transcript that show cops in the building until 9:43 that's 8 full minutes after dispatch who knows how long after the 911 call and WAY TOO LATE TO SAVE 27 PEOPLE FROM BEING KILLED.
Rich F January 08, 2013 at 11:24 PM
The second amendment is not about hunting or home defense. It is about defending freedom It may be an outdated way of thinking and if it is then go for repealing/changing the second amendment. If you can’t get it done in this environment then Americans are not for it. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Note the founders used the words arms not muskets. They had a good idea that arms would advance past the musket. I always hear from the “Then join a Militia”, I believe what the 2ndAmendment is saying the People should be armed so they can form a militia if the government become tyrannical. Again may be an outdated way of thinking but the founders made the Constitution difficult to change on purpose.
Sean Ward January 08, 2013 at 11:35 PM
Agreed Rich although I disagree with the idea that it may be outdated. In the last century there have been plenty of revolutions. Some justified some not. Some won some lost. It is naive to think that we've built a completely revolution-proof country here. There may come a time one day where government oversteps it's authority and where people may need to take matters into their own hands again. It's incredibly unlikely any time in the near future but like you say, the constitution was meant to survive the test of time. Look at some of the revolutions just in the past couple decades.
Sean Ward January 08, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Data on bomb deaths for last year are difficult to find data on. However, Harvard did a research study in 2005 compiling bomb related deaths and injuries on US soil between 1983 and 2002. The study's conclusion is that the ease of finding bomb making instructions on the internet and the readily available ingredients create significant risk. You ma'am are remarkably quick to call other people names where you yourself remain ignorant of the facts. In the United States, 36,110 bombing incidents, 5,931 injuries, and 699 deaths were reported. There were 21,237 (58.8%) explosive bombings, 6,185 (17.1%) incendiary bombings, 1,107 (3.1%) premature bombings, and 7,581 (21.0%) attempted bombings. For explosive bombings with known motives, 72.9% of injuries and 73.8% of deaths were because of homicide. For incendiary bombings with known motives, 68.2% of injuries were because of extortion and revenge, and 53.5% of deaths were due to homicide. Private residences accounted for 29.0% of incidents, 31.5% of injuries, and 55.5% of deaths. Government installations accounted for 4.4% of incidents but were the site of 12.7% of injuries and 25.5% of deaths. In bombings with known materials, nitrate-based fertilizers accounted for 36.2% of injuries and 30.4% of deaths, and smokeless powder and black powder accounted for 33.2% of injuries and 27.1% of deaths.


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