Police Assault, Cocaine, ATF, and a Sex Sting

It has been busy for Marlborough Police.

The Marlborough Police have been busy this month. With the arrest of an allegged drug dealer, police injuries and attacks on police officers the interaction between criminals and police seems to never cease.

The month started off with a . The men allegedly went to the Econolodge Inn in Northborough seeking sex after being told to bring money. Massachusetts State Police, police from Northborough, Worcester and Fitchburg conducted the bust.

Marlborough Police earlier this month busted a man alleged to be a dealer of cocaine in the city. How did they get the search warrant to move in with the arrest along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)? Well, extensive police work that included controlled drug purchases and GPS tracking was used. The story does not end there, as the man eluded police while out on bail.

Being a police officer is dangerous business even if you are not carrying out a search warrant on an alleged drug dealer. .

In that case, the officers were uninjured. However, one police officer was injured recently during a response to a burglar alarm.

. The injuries were enough to send the man to the hospital by helocopter with internal injuries and missing teeth.


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