Pablo Guaman, Owner of Truck in Matthew Denice Case, Back in Custody

Pablo Guaman, who is charged with allowing his unlicensed brother to drive his Ford F-150 pickup truck, was arrested last week after he violated a condition of release. His brother is charged in the death of Matthew Denice.

An Ecuadorian man who is charged with allowing his brother to drive his Ford F-150, an unlicensed driver who later that night is accused of striking and killing motorcyclist Matthew Denice, is back in state custody.

Pablo Dutan Guaman, 38, was released on a charge of allowing unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, on the condition that he wear a GPS monitoring bracelet. Like his brother, Nicolas Guaman, 36, Pablo Guaman is a citizen of Ecuador who police say is living in the U.S. illegally. He is subject to an ICE detainer,

According to documents at Milford District Court, after the battery died in the GPS monitor, authorities could not reach Pablo Guaman by phone because he did not have a working phone number, either a cell phone or a land line. A warrant was issued because this violated the conditions of his release.

Milford Police arrested him without incident Dec. 31 at his home.

Guaman now is being held on $10,000 cash bail, or $100,000 surety, and is scheduled to appear in Milford District Court on Thursday.

Pablo Guaman is not charged in the Aug. 20, 2011 death of motorcyclist Matthew Denice. But he is expected to be called to testify in that case, because police say he provided his truck to Nicolas Guaman, his younger brother, although he knew he did not have a license.

Nicolas Guaman is charged with several felonies, including second degree murder. Police say he struck Denice, and then kept driving although the 23-year-old was pinned beneath the vehicle. Denice, a recent graduate of Framingham State University, died of his injuries.

Milford Senior Man January 07, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Thanks Mary
VivaLaMigra January 08, 2013 at 03:09 AM
Gee, the guy "violated" a condition of his "release;" what a shocker! I wonder if anyone at the sorry excuse for a newspaper could explain to any rational person why this criminal was "released" in the first place? The whole family is a bunch of ILLEGAL ALIENS who are obvious flight risks. Of course, this is Massachusetts so it's no surprise that some mush-for-brains judge let him walk.
VivaLaMigra January 08, 2013 at 03:15 AM
Anyone care to ask one's local state rep how "Pablo"...an ILLEGAL ALIEN...managed to register a motor vehicle or get a driver's license in this state? Counterfeit documents? Bribe paid to an RMV official, maybe? So many Q's need to be answered. If "Pablo" didn't have the truck on the road, Matthew Denice might still be alive today. But, To Hell with the LAWS...let's just keep on PANDERING to ILLEGAL ALIENS no matter how many innocent citizens die. That's the "Devil" Patrick Modus Operandi...and the entire "Great and General Court" run by Demon-RAT's is fine with it!
Kathy January 08, 2013 at 03:25 AM
Per "Justice For Matt" The mental competency hearing for Nicolas Guaman is tomorrow 1/8 at 11:00, Worcester Superior Court.
Kathy January 08, 2013 at 03:45 AM
Per "Justice For Matt" The mental competency hearing for Nicolas Guaman is tomorrow 1/8 at 11:00, Worcester Superior Court. When I called earlier this afternoon, the clerk said 9am tomorrow, third floor, room 18, but the Facebook group "Justice for Matt" representing Mr. & Mrs. Maloney and family, stated the time is 11am, Superior Court, Worcester, MA tomorrow.


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