New Wilmington Police Officers Sworn In [VIDEO]

Five new additions to the Wilmington Police Department took their oath in a ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

The Wilmington Police Department officially grew by five members on Wednesday.

Veteran officers, town officials and family members alike were in attendance as five new officers received their badges during the ceremony.

One by one, Kevin Cavanaugh, Daniel Furbush, Julio Quiles, Rafael Cruz and Michael Johnson said their oath along with Town Clerk Sharon George before they were pinned by family members.

“Hold that oath close,” said Police Chief Michael Begonis to his newest officers. “Be respectful, have that commitment and have that compassion. That’s we’re all about. And if you do that, we’ll drive forward for the next 30 or 40 years without a worry.”

The five officers were among 74 who graduated from Lowell Police Academy in November.

Begonis said what makes his department stand out from others is the attitude of his officers. He said he doesn’t have to deal with the daily issues that many other chiefs he speaks to face.

“I’m impressed with the work that my officers do on a daily basis. They are the most professional police department in the area hands down,” said Begonis. “It’s because the individuals who work here have chosen a path. They’ve chosen to be committed. They’ve chosen to deal with every situation with respect, and to always hold compassion close their heart.”

Stacie January 31, 2013 at 02:50 PM
Congratulations Officers Kevin Cavanaugh, Daniel Furbush, Julio Quiles, Rafael Cruz and Michael Johnson. Wilmington is lucky to have you, thank you for protecting our streets.
Kevin MacDonald January 31, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Have they protected our streets yet Stacie? Did Chief Begonis want them to be respectful and compassionate to the heroin suppliers and drug dealers that are turning our town into Crack Head Alley? The Police Department is a joke. When four police officers are on duty at a selectmen's meeting this may be a clear sign that this department is way over staffed, as well as, way ineffective and in desperate need of getting a clue. Every tax payer should check out how many police cruisers are parked behind the station during ANY shift and realize what a disaster the police administration, the town management, and the Board of Selectmen are with all the waste and gouging of the tax payers.
Stacie February 01, 2013 at 07:38 PM
Kevin; Yes they have protected our Street. The Chief's remarks about to be respectful and compassionate is something WPD is all about. Your the JOKE. Excuse me, there were only 3 police officers on duty the night of the Selectman's meeting. If your referring to the detective sitting in the crowd, he was there as a resident. Move, then they won't need to be there. It's pretty sad that you are doing what you do, your making yourself look worse everyday. Good Luck ever having something passed at a Town Meeting, the way you treat people...no one will ever give you a vote. Oh wait maybe the 10 resident group.
Kevin MacDonald February 01, 2013 at 11:01 PM
Did you hear that the State is making big changes to the housing authorities? How effective have you been on the Wilmington housing authority? I don't think you have been very effective. How long is the waiting list for senior and handicap housing down at Deming way? I haven't heard you spear heading any movement to have this need addressed? How long did it take to have the pot holes filled in at Deming Way? They probably would still not be filled in if I didn't continually bring it to attention? How's the war on drugs doing here in Wilmington? Is it even being fought? How many police cruisers are sitting in the station parking lot today while tax payers are being shafted in taxes paying for them? Wilmington Police officers enforcing the denial of freedom of speech? You are not excused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacie February 02, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Kevin, have you ever attended a Housing Meeting? Yes, I am aware of the Governor's bill to regionalize and I have been for awhile and been communicating with the right officials. You didn't help with Pot Holes Kevin the Town did, as they have helped before. Part of the formula funding money will also be used this year for some paving. If you knew me you'd understand WHY I sit on this board and WHAT has changed since joining this board. Kevin I believe your just a nasty unhappy person who only likes to complain. Your not going far in life if you keep it up. I VOLUNTEER my time on the board just as I have volunteered in the past here in Wilmington. Do me a favor, understand that the Housing Authority & Deming Way are not run by Wilmington but The State of Mass, did you know this? Probably not, just like you didn't know about the many things we have done to try to improve Deming Way.


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