Marlborough Police Looking for Info About This Man

The picture is connected to an early morning incident on Main Street.

A screenshot from a security camera from a local business in Marlborough. Courtesy
A screenshot from a security camera from a local business in Marlborough. Courtesy
Do you know this person? The Marlborough Police are looking for information about who this might be.
This person may have been involved in a break-in at a local business. The screenshot was taken at about 4 a.m. on April 26, in the alley entrance behind Sully's First Edition Pub on Main Street. 
Anyone with info is asked to call Marlborough PD or Lou at Engraveables 508-485-6630. There is a $100 reward for anyone with info leading to an arrest. 
JF May 07, 2014 at 01:04 AM
As usual the security camera has the technology of a 1965 piece of 2dpi crap. Nobody can even see this man never mind compare him to anyone. It's time these low tech outdated crap cameras are updated to modern high Def models. This way the perp will be in an actual photo and not some ridiculously terible blurry and useless one that could be anyone. Seriously, every time there's a surveillance photo with "have you seen this guy", it's always the same. Never mind you could never use such a terible low quality image in court. High Def and high resolution surveillance would allow the police to zoom in and get a perfect photo of the perp. Right down to tattoos and moles, eye color and all..


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