Marlborough Man Arrested after Allegedly Pushing Security Guard in NH Club

A Marlborough man was charged with simple assault after an incident in a New Hampshire nightclub Sunday morning during which police used a Taser.

A disturbance at Club Drynk in Concord, NH resulted in the arrest of four people, one of whom lives in Marlborough, and the use of a Taser by an officer.

At 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Police Officer Casey Finn, who was assigned as a detail officer at the club at 20 Old Granite Street, went to the back of a club where a disturbance was underway, according to a release from the police department.

Officer. Finn arrived to observe a security officer escorting a disorderly man out of the club. The officer assisted and saw the man suddenly pull away from the security officer and push him backwards, according to the release. Officer Finn took control the subject as he tried to push him as well, wrestling him to the floor and handcuffing him, according to police.

The man was identified as Alexander Alverez, 22, of Marlborough. He was charged with disorderly conduct, simple assault and resisting arrest.

Officer Eric Joyal arrived to assist and noticed a woman acting disorderly as well, standing over Ofc. Finn and yelling at him as he took Alvarez into custody, according to the release. The woman, identified as Marissa Maddox, 22, of Lyndenborough, NH, refused to leave the club and was subsequently placed under arrest. She was charged with disorderly conduct (V) and later released on a summons.

A third individual also refusing to leave the club allegedly tried to pull Maddox away from officer Joyal’s custody and escort her away. Officer Todd Leshney was able to break his grasp on Maddox, engaging in a struggle with the man who refused to submit to arrest. Officer Leshney deployed his Taser, finally gaining enough compliance from the man so he could be handcuffed, according to the release. The man was identified as Traore Aboubacar, 22, of Concord, NH and was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

 A fourth person acting disorderly at Drynk, identified as Gaetan Voumbo, 22, of Lynn, was arrested by Officer Ryan Boyd. He was charged with disorderly conduct (V) and later released on a summons.


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