Man "Horribly" Fails Sobriety Tests

A man was arrested for operating under the influence after he allegedly hit a parked vehicle in Marlborough.

Police arrested a man Monday night after he reportedly crashed his car and registered over the legal limit for alcohol.

"Mr. Cartmell elected to take field sobriety tests. He failed all 3 tests horribly," wrote Marlborough Police Officer Michael Giaquinto in his police report.

Police were called to Farm Road near the airport following an accident where a car reportedly driven by James W. Cartmell, 57, of 139 Broadmeadow Road Apt. 1A had struck a parked ice truck which pushed another parked car in front of it three car lengths forward. Fire officials were already at the scene when police began speaking to Cartmell.

"During our conversation I detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emenating from his person," wrote Giaquinto in his report. "He admitted to having a "few" drinks at the 99 Pub in Hudson prior to driving."

After failing three field sobriety tests, two breathalyzer tests of James W. Cartmell, 57, of 139 Broadmeadow Road Apt. 1A revealed a blood alcohol levels of .133 and .130 which are above the legal limit of .08 percent.

He was arrested on charges of operating under the influence of liquor and speeding in violation of a special regulation. Due to the severity of the accident, Giaquinto estimated Cartmell had been traveling 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. He was released on personal recognizance after appearing at the Marlborough District Court on Tuesday.


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