Man Allegedly Chokes Dogs; Shakes Baby

A man in a "drunken rage" allegedly choked two dogs before shaking a baby

A man has been charged with animal cruelty and child endangerment after an alleged drunken disturbance.

Thomas Cummisky Jr., 64, of 251 South Street was arrested Monday on charges of assault and battery, cruelty to animal and reckless endangerment to children under 18. The charges were the result of a drunken disturbance, said

"During the disturbance, Mr. Cummisky attempted to strangle two family dogs during his drunken rage," said Detective Scott DeCiero of the Community Services Bureau of the Marlborough Police Department of the disturbance which took place at 5:08 p.m. on South Street.

The residents were able to rescue the dogs and bring them into another room, he said. Cummisky was then "holding a one year-old by one leg upside down shaking him," said Det. DeCiero.

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Police arrived at the scene after being called in for a disturbance and arrested Cumminsky.

"The dogs and the one year-old boy were unhurt and did not require medical treatment," said Det. DeCiero.


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