Locked Out of Getaway Car, Bank Robber from Somerville Gets 3 Years in Prison

Note to self for all bank robbers: Don’t lock yourself out of the getaway car.

Almost a year after he botched a bank robbery in Brookline by locking himself out of his getaway car, Bruno Santolim, 25, of Somerville, pled guilty to armed robbery and armed assault to rob in Norfolk Superior Court Tuesday, according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey.

“Santolim walked into [Sovereign Bank] on Harvard Street in Brookline at about 3:30 p.m. on April 8, 2010, showed a teller a large black handgun and passed the teller a note on a deposit slip that read ‘I have a gun, I want the money,’” District Attorney Morrissey said via a statement Tuesday. “Another teller noticed that the money had been given over without being counted and presumed it was a robbery and pushed a silent alarm button; that prompted Mr. Santolim to point his gun at him.”

What happened next did not exactly go to plan. According to Morrissey, Santolim fled from the bank with the money and went straight to a black Infiniti G35, but was forced to flee on foot rather than in the getaway car.

"That car was found by the police in the lot, still running with its keys in the ignition," Morrissey said. “Brookline police also discovered the robber had left the Infiniti’s remote alarm key fob on the teller counter. He apparently had locked himself out of his getaway car.”

According to Morrissey, the car was borrowed and its registration led police to its owner, a Belmont woman, and eventually to Santolim’s identity.

"As Brookline police checked several known addresses for Santolim, leaving their contact information at those sites, one detective received a telephone call from him stating he had '(expletive) up in your city today and did some mad (expletive),’” stated a release from Morrissey’s office.

“The defendant also bragged that police would never catch him,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “That brag was short lived. Because of the professional work of the Brookline Police Department, he was apprehended six days later by federal authorities on a bus in Louisiana, traveling under the alias Eduardo Henrique Gonzalves.”

The court sentenced Santolim to 3 years to 3 years and 1 day in State Prison. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has lodged a detainer to begin deportation proceedings to return him to his native Brazil upon his release.   

NoTyme4BS March 02, 2011 at 10:29 PM
he'll be back.. new name maybe,they always come back!


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