Hurricane Sandy a Breeze for some Residents

Many residents made it through Monday's storm with full power and full spirits.

While some residents suffered with power outages and downed trees, many made it through Hurricane Sandy without losing power and came out on the other side in good spirits.

"We love it," said nine year-old Abby King of Hurricane Sandy. "It's fun."

Hurricane Sandy turned Monday and Tuesday into a big sleepover for Abby and her two sisters, complete with little flashlights and camping out in sleeping bags indoors.

The experience was a little different for Abby's father Bill who brought his laptop along with his family when they made the shift to his mother's house in Marlborough after losing power. Their entire neighborhood lost power around 7:30 p.m. and that is when the generators kicked up.

"That's all I could hear outside," said King.

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Ed and Nancy Lane made it through the storm with power the entire time. This was in contrast to Hurricane Irene, where they lost power for three days.

"The lights flickered two or three times, but never went out," said Nancy Lane of their home by the Marlborough Airport.

The couple was supposed to be on a cruise that was scheduled to leave from New York Monday, explained Ed Lane. The couple decided against the cruise after transportation down there became impossible and was glad for their decision.

Marlborough as a whole was much less hard hit than during Hurricane Irene. Only , reported officials.


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