House Fire on Boudreau Ave. Quickly Put Down by FD, Homeowner

A homeowner on Boudreau Ave. finished breakfast this morning to find the back room of her house on fire.

A structural fire that heavily damaged a portion of a Boudreau Ave. home Monday morning, could have been much worse were it not for the quick action of the homeowner and the . 

At approximately 11 a.m., Engine 2 and several support vehicles responded to 27 Boudreau Ave. off Pleasant St. to find the rear portion of a large home on fire. 

According to the homeowner, who did not identify herself, the fire likely began when several combustibles inside of a trash can overheated, then ignited. 

"I was just finishing my breakfast when I went out back and saw the fire," said the homeowner. "I ran out of the house and yelled 'Fire! Fire!' and then called 911." 

The homeowner then grabbed a garden hose from the rear of the home where an in-ground swimming pool is located and proceeded to battle the blaze herself until fire crews arrived on scene. Engine 1 was also dispatched to the address. 

Occupants of the home at the time included the husband and wife homeowners as well as their son. There appeared to be no serious injuries. 

We will update this story with the official cause of the fire once that information becomes available. 

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