Father and Son Fight Ends in Assault Charges

A fight between a father and son lead to assault charges for both Tuesday.

Police say a dispute over money ended in a father and son each being charged with assault and battery Tuesday night.

The incident started when Jared Provencher,  asked his father Michael for money, according to Detective Scott DeCiero of the Community Services Bureau of the Marlborough Police Department. Jared then pushed his father who then retaliated by hitting his son with a metal mop, according to police.

The Marlborough Police were called to 44 Briarwood Lane Apt. 4 for the disturbance and arrested the two men. Michael, 59, was arrested on two charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Jared, 20, was arrested on charges of assault and battery. While his father was being booked at the police station Jared yelled "rat" and "snitch" multiple times and was also charged with witness intimidation and impeding an investigation.

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