Drug Deal Turns Into Armed Robbery

A drug deal allegedly turned into an armed robbery over the weekend.

A drug deal allegedly turned into an armed robbery over the weekend, with the victim and would-be drug seller reporting the crime to police.

When a man came to police over the weekend to report a Saturday armed robbery, it did not take long for the victim to confirm their suspicions that the robbery was the result of a drug deal gone bad, according to court records.

The victim came to the police station to report he had been robbed. He then said, according to a police report by Patrolman Paul Connors, that he had obtained marijuana for a man who was later identified as Sean Kyle Washington, 37, of 3 Bexley Drive in Hudson.

The victim reported that he met with Washington Friday in the Price Chopper parking lot to deliver the marijuana. The victim got into a Ford Explorer and then Washington demanded the man's wallet. The man questioned why Washington was asking for his wallet, according to court documents.

"Washington responded you are getting robbed," said Patrolman Connors in his report.

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Washington then took what is believed by police to be $460 from the victim and told him the only way he was getting the money back was if he brought Washington another ounce of marijuana, according to court documents. The victim told Washington that he couldn't or wouldn't do that.

"Washington asked if he wanted a gun pulled on him," said Patrolman Connors in his report. "While asking, Washington reached into the back seat of his vehicle."

The victim was able to exit the car at this point, according to the report. While at the police station he identified Washington from a photo lineup and Hudson police picked him up, according to court documents.

When Marlborough Police arrested and searched him he reportedly had a glassine baggy of marijuana, a scale with marijuana residue on it and the $460 all in 20's. No firearm was found in his possession.

Washington was held due to the felony nature of the charge and is scheduled for a detention hearing on March 7.

John Bullerjahn March 05, 2013 at 03:32 PM
And they say drugs don't affect the brain.... Dope....


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