Drug Buys, GPS Tracking Lead to Arrest

A man accused of dealing drugs and currently wanted by police may have been dealing in heroin according to the findings of a search warrant.

Confidential informants, controlled drug buys and GPS tracking formed the core of a search warrant that lead to the arrest of a man alleged to have been selling large amounts of cocaine in Marlborough.

There is an active warrant out for him after he failed to appear in court.

A number of charges have been leveled at Chavez as a result of cocaine and money found in his apartment, but the report back from the search warrant reveals more could follow.

A tan/brown powder found in two plastic baggies in Chavez' residence is being tested to determine whether it is heroin, according to the search warrant report, while over $7,000 in cash was also found in the apartment.

Chavez' arrest was a result of work by the police department that was detailed in the search warrant. Three confidential informants conducted multiple drug buys over the course of a number of weeks.

Chavez, who went by the street name "coco," was reportedly moving a large amount of cocaine in Marlbrough from a supply source in Lawrence where he "re-ups" from, according to the search warrant.

Police built evidence by conducting controlled buys of cocaine after trusted confidential informants set up the drug purchase, according to the warrant. They soon identified Chavez' true identity and located his residence, although the search warrant details him selling out of his car.

Police put a GPS monitor on his car and tracked his movement to find where he was storing additional drugs and where his "stash" locations were, according to the warrant.

The warrant resulted in him being charged with two charges of drug violation near a school/park, class D and B drug possession to distrubute, drug possession class B, conspiracy to violate drug law and conspiracy.


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