Daytime Robberies Targeting Jewelry and Cash

Police say recent daytime robberies have focused on easily transported items such as jewelry and cash.

Burglars have been focusing on small, easy to carry items during recent daytime robberies, said Police Chief Mark Leonard.

“We don’t see them taking televisions and anything large. It seems to be smaller items," said the chief.

These items can be easily transported and readily turned into cash in the case of jewelry, he said. This has been the case for three recent home robberies during the day in Marlborough. Another fits the pattern, but the time it occured has not been determined, he said.

These fit with a series of break-ins that have been occuring in all the surrounding towns, said Chief Leonard. There have been quite a few in Northborough, where residents are on high alert. Jewelry has been a target in those break-ins.

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The chief suggests that residents keep jewelry and cash out of site and secure it within their homes as much as possible.

"In general it is a good thing to secure those types of items," said Chief Leonard.


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