Chemical Plant Fire and Police Overtime

From a fire at a chemical plant on Friday to a request for over $200,000 in additional overtime to the police and fire departments; it was a big week for safety officials and personnel.

The week started out with a bureaucratic moment for the police and fire departments when Mayor Arthur Vigeant .

The money is said to cover overtime due to vacancies and injuries. Additional firefighters and police officers will help to curb this overtime in the future, said the mayor.

Police injuries were reported a number of times this week. There is no news on the severity of the injuries as this is something the police department does not release information on.

Firefighters had their hands full on Thursday when two separate structure fires had them rushing to two sides of the city throughout the day.

The first fire occured at the Down Chemical Plant on Forest Street. That fire — and the sprinklers that helped keep it contained — .

The other fire occurred at Strange Brew on Boston Post Road East. Due to the grains for brewing, additional city officials had to be called in to inspect the damage.


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