Burglaries: How to Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

The police have given suggestions to keep your home and neighborhood safe after a rash of recent midday break-ins.

Police are asking neighbors to be extra observant following a number of daytime break-ins that have occurred in Marlborough.

“The main point of us releasing the info was to try to make people more vig and more aware," said Police Chief Mark Leonard.

Keeping the neighborhood safe is a matter of being extra observant and not brushing off things that look out of place, he said. This can be as simple as watching for an extra minute if someone is walking up to a neighbors house or taking down a license plate number of a suspicious vehicle and calling police.

“We would rather chase that call that turns out to be nothing than have people wish they had made the call," said Chief Leonard.

Do not assume someone walking up to a home is making a delivery or there with the owners knowledge, he said. That extra amount of observation could help police catch criminals which have broken into four Marlborough homes.

“If we do have any more of these breaks hopefully someone will notice and call us in a timely manner," said Chief Leonard.

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When it comes to guarding your own home against break-ins the keys are securing the building and valuables and making it look like someone is home. This means hiding items that might entice a robber and possibly leaving a light or radio on a timer to give the appearance of someone being home.

“Don’t let newspapers or mail build up if you are going to be away," said Chief Leonard. "You don’t want to give any indication that you aren’t home for any length of time.”

Police Officials in Northborough, where there have been multiple daytime break-ins, have said that the break-ins have ceased and it is unknown if there is a direct connection to the robberies in Marlborough.

"We have not had a house break in over two weeks. We are still very much working some active leads," said Northborough Police Det. Sgt. Brian Griffin.


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