Attempted Murder, a Car Chase and Intense Fires

From fires to attempted murder and a chase through the city following a burglary; it was a busy week for emergency personnel.

It was a busy week all around for police and fire personnel as flames claimed buildings and cars while an attempted murder and car chase prompted police response.


On Saturday, a passing police cruiser spotted a man running out of a convinience store. He followed the vehicle the man got into, prompting a chase through the city. The man has been charged with armed robbery and police report a knife was found on the passenger seat of the jeep he was driving.

For a second week, the Marlborough Fire Department has been kept busy with structure and car fires. It seemed like everything was catching fire this week with multiple house fires and even a few cars seeing some flames.

It started with a basement fire on Friday. Less than 24 hours later, fire fighters were back putting down flames with a fire in a utility room on Elm Street.

Monday morning saw a car fire engulf two vehicles and damage a third at 1:25 a.m. That fire, as with the others, are still under investigation.

Most recently, a fire ripped through a two bedroom home early Thursday morning during the end of Wednesday's Nor'easter. Fire fighters had to fight not only the flames but the elements in this fire which will likely leave the buildign a total loss.

All this occured while an investigation into the cause of a house explosion that rocked a whole neighborhood continues to be investigated.


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