5 Things: Money and Helicopters

From $2.6 million dollars to helicopters flying people to safety; we have what you need to know right here.

1. Are you prepared for voting? Check out our Election Guide for a little help if you are wondering where to go or what the ballot questions are.

2. Houses exploding, helicopters flying people around and live wires sounds like the latest Hollywood blockbuster. That would actually just be the last week or so for area emergency crews.

3. It is the last day for the national Patch Halloween costume contest. You have until 11:59 p.m. to get in your costume photos and vie for $5,000.

4. Still undecided in the Brown, Warren race? We have a comparison that will let you see the candidates side by side.

5. Tired of the elections? Tired of Halloween? Tired of natural disasters? Want to think about absolutely anything else? How does $2.6 million in additional funds to the school sound?

There was no promise this other thing was going to be uplifting. The City Council is set to discuss this tonight in a jam-packed meeting.


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