Disgusted that Tewksbury Public Schools did not participate in National Moment of Silence!

Someone needs to explain this decision!

When Tewksbury Public School Administrators decided that they would not participate in a National Moment of Silence for the victims of Newtown did they consider that maybe some people from this area may have connections to that not so distant community? How did the teachers of our town feel when they could not show respect for their fallen colleagues? 

Thank you Tewksbury School Administration for being exceptionally ignorant and disrespectful with regard to this horrible tragedy. Happy Holidays.


Paul Guttadauro

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Tewksbury2001 December 24, 2012 at 01:04 AM
As a parent to two children at an elementary school in town I agree with this decision. It is not up to the school to explain this to my 5 year old.
BusyMom December 24, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I teach in an urban K-4 school. All week we were asked to "take the pulse" of our class & respond accordingly. We observed the moment of silence "in honor of Sandy Hook." My students did so without a peep/comment. In fact all week they said nothing (to my surprise/relief). Making snowflakes "to cheer up some sad children" later Fri. one child asked if it was for Sandy Hook. I said yes and nothing more. Did I/the school make the best choices? I tried. Most of my students face violence and heartache daily at home. They dread vacation and prefer school as it's the safest place they know. Every day I am responsible not only for their learning but their physical and emotional well-being (not to the exclusion of parents but as another key caretaker). The lives lost absolutely deserve remembrance. But if I want to honor my own students, I need to respect their needs and experiences (as all teachers must). I felt my students needed some holiday magic/innocence to sustain them before vacation. Urban setting or not, maybe we all need that sometime. Schools try to determine & then meet the individual needs of each student balanced against the needs of the group. The admin made a decision it felt best for the majority. This is a heartwrenching event. I am sorry for your personal loss. Yet, I ask you to extend compassion to those of us working every day to make decisions that we aim to be in the best interests of our/your children and respect that our hearts are in the right place.
malcolm nichols December 26, 2012 at 05:09 PM
How do public schools discuss current events? The purpose of school is to talk about the facts, ask questions and think. Participation in a moment of silence is not a school function albeit i don't find it an issue as a supplement. Treating this issue with silence is the real disrespect.
SAM December 26, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I think it's disgusting you're making a hasty generalization. There are numerous witnesses on this thread that said schools did participate. I also know that Trahan had participated without telling the children the reason for it. Dr. O'Connor did in fact send out an e-mail suggesting that the secondary grades observe. If the principal happened to not make it mandatory, maybe a teacher or even a high school student should have stepped up in their own classroom at the time. Could it be assumed that the teacher was supposed to take it upon him/herself instead of waiting for instruction over the intercom? The clocks are all on the same system... 9:30 could be read at the same time on any chosen clock in the high school.
Proctor3 December 28, 2012 at 05:54 PM
The high school did not do a moment of silence. But I did stare at that clock, having flash backs of everything I saw on the news about it. And said a prayer in my head.


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