When Was the Last Time You Cleared Your Cookies? [POLL]

While it isn’t a fail safe for Internet privacy, it can help.


The Internet, once viewed as the ultimate frontier for freedom, is now rapidly becoming a Wild West of privacy fears. While not a fail safe way to protect you, taking the time to clear your cookies, browsing history and cache is an easy first step that can aid in protecting your privacy. Yet, many are not doing this. What about you?

Brian Northborough April 17, 2012 at 10:27 PM
If you have Firefox (get it at www.mozilla.org) and install ad block plus..Then surf in "Private Browsing"...No ads, No data stored...no worries...Except for that bothersome key logger...oh and the packet sniffer...when you are on public wifi it is as if someone is watching everything you type.


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