OPINION: Weight Lifting? Supplements That Can Help.

If you're a weight lifter looking for a little bit of an advantage in the gym supplements can help. Read on to see a few of the supplements you might want to include in your fitness regimen.

The average weight lifter eventually takes the time to investigate the possibility of using supplements. For the most part, supplements can help enhance your performance at the gym. While this is fantastic for individuals looking to gain or lose weight, increase their lean body mass, or increase their athletic ability, picking supplements should be done wisely.

Protein supplements are widely used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. While most would consider any protein powder to be equal to any other that is available on the market this simply isnt true. Whey protein, has become the standard protein due to its ease of mixability as well as its ability to be easily digested in the body. This particular protein also helps fight free radicals in the body. Another protein supplement that compliments whey is Casein. Casein is a milk derived protein powder that has a few distinct advantages over Whey. Casein moves through the digestive tract at a slower rate than whey, allowing the body to absorb more of its nutrients. This particular protein is also higher in glutamine, a substance that helps promote tissue repair post workout. If you’re looking for a potent protein mix try a combination of Whey and Casein before and after your workout.

Antioxidants are another supplement that have been given much attention. These are said to combat free radicals which are by products of energy production within the body. When the body produces energy it releases substances that roam through the body pulling oxygen from vital processes. This in turn causes tissue damage and can wreak havoc on other biochemical processes in the body. Although antioxidants can be found in multivitamin supplements, its also a good idea to consume them naturally in the diet. Blueberries and strawberries are particularly good sources of antioxidants.

Creatine is yet another supplement that has achieved much well deserved attention. Creatine helps speed recovery time and has also been shown to give an extra boost of energy during workouts. How does it do this? Creatine is a substance that donates raw materials to the energy producing components of the body. This constant donation of raw materials will allow you to continue to work in the gym for longer periods of time. It should be noted that this supplement will primarily benefit weight lifters and not endurance athletes.

As a final note regarding supplements. The FDA does not regulate supplements. Because of this, some supplements can be a gamble. If you’re looking to purchase supplements be sure to look at the company the produces it. Make sure the company is reputable and see if there is any literature out there regarding the supplement you wish to take. It may also be a good idea to look through forums to see if there is anyone that has experience with the product you are looking to use. Apart from this however, the above mentioned supplements can help you increase your game as a weight lifter.

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Ryan P August 06, 2011 at 03:29 PM
Go see the guys at GNC on Boston Post Road West! They are very knowledable, helpful, and can recommend the right supplements for you.


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