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OPINION: Fresh Seafood at Fish

Check out Fish for fresh seafood and a relaxed dining experience.

With the name Fish (formerly known as Coral Seafood), one would expect the menu to be leaning heavily towards exactly that, fish. But this is not the case. Patrons will find the same variety of seafood selection here as in other seafood restaurants.

That being noted, the lunch and dinner menus do offer palette-intriguing medleys of fresh seafood for indecisive guests, such as the mix grill (swordfish, shrimp and salmon) and fried seafood platter (haddock, whole clams, shrimp and scallops). The shrimp, scallop and mussels scampi dish blends butter garlic, olive oil, diced tomatoes and spinach with the seafood over a bed of fresh pappardelle pasta ($14 lunch; $23 dinner).

The new interior of Fish slants toward an urban chic design with predominantly black, reds and beige colors and an open kitchen. The decor helps set the tone for a more casual, less stuffy atmosphere than some upscale dining establishments. However, the owners might have taken urban chic one-step too far with the light fixtures that resemble octopus tentacles.

A highlight for Fish is that on pleasant days, the staff opens doors to expose the bar seating to the great outdoors, providing restaurant goers the relaxed feeling of dining at a sidewalk cafe (but with air conditioner). And of the six beers on tap, the restaurant offers the hard to find local brew Wachusett Pale Ale, along with offering a well-rounded wine menu.

Although the dinner menu is much more extensive than the lunch menu (offering surf and turf and oyster bar, among other dishes, at night), many of the classic seafood dishes are served both at lunch and dinner. But the main courses on the lunch menu are nearly 50 percent cheaper than the same dinner options (noting a difference in portion size).

A recommendation is to first sample the restaurant's cuisine over a leisure lunch where patrons receive the experience and quality of food of a more upscale restaurant but without the high-end prices. (Hint: This is a great spot to wine and dine that special someone over a romantic lunch without burning a large hole in the wallet.) Check out their menu online before you go.

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Damon Michaels October 10, 2011 at 06:36 PM
My wife and I went to "Fish" on 10/6/2011 for the $1 Oyster deal. We were there at a little after 5pm and when asked about it they said they were just setting up. Fair enough, there was no one else there so why leave them out on ice any longer than necessary. We ordered a dozen oysters of various kinds, as well as four (large, not the jumbo) shrimp cocktail. Here is what I have to say: 1) It would be nice to know which Oysters were which variety, in NYC they give you a little legend as to which are which. 2) The Oysters were very tasty and the sauces with them were quite good. 3) The Shrimp cocktail was horrible. Overcooked, and clearly soaked in some kind of lemon-grass concoction for awhile. Absolutely disgusting is the word I used. They had slime on them. When asked how often they cooked them, the response was they were "boiled" every 2 days. I make shrimp cocktail myself, it's easy to do it every day, it only takes a few minutes to steam them up. Let them chill covered in the fridge and they are tasty. As expected we did not have to pay for these yellow colored shrimp (yuck! yellow? really?!?!) We then went over to Long Horn Steakhouse to eat the rest of dinner, and to try their shrimp cocktail. It was perfect, nice white shrimp, moist with a super tasty (superior to Fish) cocktail sauce. Come on Fish! Get it together, I've tried you at least 8 times and the quality has been up and down since you opened as Coral Seafood.


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