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Delays on 85 After Head On Collision

Oh My: Torso Delivered to BJ's; Man Should Have Worn a Belt

Our "oh my gosh" police news round-up includes the bizarre, the outrageous, the silly, and the disgusting.

BJ's only sells torsos in bulk.

I stole that headline from Westborough Patch blogger , who commented on a story we had "The first clue," McGrath commented, "would have been knowing that BJ's only carries torsos in 12-packs."

Officials correctly labeled the package and it was sent on its way.

Reason 187 why belts are a good idea..

..because if you don't wear one, Shrewsbury police got a call last week regarding a man whose back side was exposed. Officers responded and learned the man was simply wearing loose pants. He said he would put on a belt.

No commentary is needed..

...To introduce this story, .

When he said he was stuck at work, he literally meant, he was stuck at work.

A Milford factory worker called police Monday evening to report he was locked in the parking lot, with the gates closed.


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