Oh My: Powder Assailant; Interesting Fashion Choice

We report the wacky police news from the region.

When I'm unhappy with prices at a store, I simply don't shop there. This is another option.

Just prior to the powder assault, the customer had been expressing her displeasure about the cost of an item. Apparently, the powder caused some sort of adverse reaction on the clerk's skin; this resulted in emergency officials calling for a hazardous materials response. (The powder was harmless.) 

This isn't so bad: there are other fashion choices I find more objectionable. Like the hats with the brims that don't bend.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

He reportedly took it from her because he felt she was spending too much money. 

Those little suckers hurt.

Ever been hit by a paintball when you aren't prepared for it? I have. The man said he was shot by a car that passed him. Police in a neighboring town pulled over the car.


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