Oh My: Noise Prompts Pair to Flee From Moving Car

We report the unusual and odd police news from across the region.

Don't try this at home. Or in the street. 

A Sherborn resident reported that she and her daughter had just been leaving in their car when they heard what they believed to be a person in the backseat. The mother and daughter and allowed the car to cross the road and crash into their neighbor's yard. Holliston and Ashland police were called for mutual aid. The area was checked, but officers were unable to locate a suspect. The likely culprit? Items shuffling in the backseat.

Comfort while jogging.

about a man who was jogging down the street in his boxers. At least he wasn't going commando, as was the case recently in Shrewsbury when a naked man was seen jumping off a bridge into a lake, then

Perhaps this kid needs a refresher on when it's appropriate to call 911.

Police responded and found the kids were playing games with the phone.


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